Welcome Home.

This is the home for all of Macca's self hosted extra content. Macca is a 30 something year old that has no idea what he is doing. Ok, that is enough of talking about myself in the third person


A little bit more about me. I am a trade qualified electrician with far too many hobbies. I like to do computer related things like programming. I also do a little bit with electronics and microcontrollers. Making things is fun. I also make things with physical medium in the sense of wood, metal and concrete. These usually equate to doing things around the house but it counts.

That brings me to the how to articles that I have on here. Which include how to fix these on cars and motorcycles. As an electrical mechanic I have an understanding of systems and can work out how things go together and work.


An new thing that I have been getting into is the written word. I am writing more then I thought a dyslexic person ever should. This includes the articles that I am writing here but I am thinking more along the lines of the soon to be published books that I have been working on. I have even done a short story for a competition that by the time anyone reads this will have been entered and judged. I will try to remember to update this when that has run it's course.

The Blog.

This is where you will find all of my general life stories. The things that I want to write about that don't fit into one of the other categories. It could be about weight loss or finances. It might even be about growing up, that's a horrible thought.

How To.

As I said before I have lots of hobbies, I also have a terrible memory. So this section of the website serves as a bit of an archive of how I did the things that I did. There are articles of how I have built things or fixed things on cars motorcycles and around the house. I think the most helpful articles are the computer related one as I am absolutely shocking at remembering how I did the computer things when I try to do them again.


I have a YouTube channel. On that channel there are some videos. Those videos could use a supplementary article to give weight to them. Here is where those no doubt unnecessary article are.


Here are my books. Or at least here is were my books will be once they are published or releasable after competitions.